Tag: Mortal


  • Hans Eichelberger

    Detective Eichelberger is assigned the murder case the newspapers sensationally dub the "Waldheide Massacre". Eight people in a small village south of Berlin are brutally murdered - their bodies muitlated and burned in an arson of an old stable.

  • Friedrich Schlegel

    Friedrich Schlegel was the oldest brother of a Brandenburg farming family. It was always expected he would continue to run the farm once his father passed away. Obedient and responsible, he managed the farm well until he joined the Imperial Army in 1916 …

  • Viktor Kaufmann

    Doctor Kaufmann served in the war to care for the wounded. He did not meet Annelise then, but only after her move to the Berlin area when she returned to her vocation as a nurse after her husband's death. Dr Kaufmann actually met Annelise while trying …

  • Alois von Geisthart

    Alois von Geisthart is a Prussian Junker and father to the Garou, Erwin von Geisthart. Alois was a stern disciplinarian and career military officer who first saw combat as part of the German diplomatic legation at Peiking during the Boxer Rebellion. …

  • Frieda Heller

    Otto von Schatz may be the captain of a river boat, but any business requires lots of clerical work. Invoicing, receivables, payables, taxes, records, customer service, reception, and all the other office work would keep Otto in the office forever …

  • Emil and Luise von Barenberg

    Emil and Luise are Erwin's uncle and aunt. They always treated Erwin well and were devastated when they heard he had died over the skies of France. They were greatly relieved when he showed up alive after the war. Luise loves her brother very much, but …

  • Theodor Bischoff

    [[:otto-von-schatz | Otto]] and [[:erwin-von-geisthart-hungry-wolf | Erwin]] met Theodor outside of Eichenbach. Theodor claims to be a PhD candidate in history at Frederick-Wilhelm University in Berlin.

  • Hans Licht

    Hans is a private detective based in Berlin. Erwin von Gesithart hired him to investigate details of his mother's "death". Hans revealed there was no death certificate for his mother, and is now pursuing other leads Erwin gave him.

  • Wolf Stoeller

    Wolf Stoeller is a new friend of [[:oberst | Alois von Geisthart]]. He first appeared at the winter party thrown by Alois, but his son Erwin believes Wolf was the true planner behind it. The exact reasons for which remain unknown.

  • Mannfred Ehrlinger

    Mannfred Ehrlinger is a veteran of the Great War. Originally from Stettin, his family is of modest middle class status. Mannfred ended his military service as an adjutant to Colonel [[:oberst | Alois Von Geisthart]] when they were assigned to the …