The Devil's Wood


East of the town of Treuenbrietzen is the Zarth forest. The Zarth is an almost jungle-like, west and dense forest area. It is largely inaccessible forested swamp and mire. The name comes from the Slavic “Tschort” meaning devil. It is a wet fen with alder and ash trees rich with flora and fauna, especially a home to many birds.

However, the Zarth has always been a place of ill omen. Even in prehistoric times, the Garou knew of the place as a lair of the Wyrm. Despite hundreds of expeditions by the Garou over the millenia, the evil has never abated. Gaian spirits become corrupted if they dwell in the area for too long.

The Zarth is nowadays limited to about 250 hectares, still primeval and untouched because of unconscious fears of humanity.

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The Devil's Wood

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