I know a hall standing | far from the sun,
In NĂ¡strand: | the doors to northward are turned;
Venom-drops falls | down from the roof-holes;
That hall is bordered | with backs of serpents.
There are doomed to wade | the weltering streams
Men that are mansworn, | and they that murderers are.

But it is worst in Hvergelmir:
There the cursed snake tears | dead men’s corpses.

Snorri Sturluson; Gylfaginning

There are many heads of the hydra, and so it is with the Wyrm. This page will document what incidents of his presence the wolves of Brandenburg uncover.

Leeches – Berlin is a known hive of leeches. This was not always so as historically Berlin was a small and unimportant town in Germany. It did not become a major city until the late eighteenth century, and even then its population of vampires was likely under a dozen. In the last hundred years however, Berlin has become a metropolis and one of the largest cities of the world. The population of vampires is now many dozens. Most know to stay away from southwestern Berlin especially the Grunewald Forest. Although any who interlope may be slain (and promptly so), any reprisals in the city is strictly forbidden unless authorized by Sinews-of-War. Both Garou and Leeches have better things to do than waste their strength in futile contests. The Sept has entrusted the elder Glass Walker to keep the peace lest the caern – so, so close to the scab – become endangered.

The Sewage Farms – Toxic effluent from Berlin is known to create animal fomori who haunt the area. Although one site was cleansed of supernatural taint, the area should continue to be watched. Areas may be found at the Maps section.

Bruecktal Invalidenanlage – The cumulative psychic trauma of the patients here attract Banes. Worse, the facility is located at a location which appears to be the site of an ancient death cult. More details can be found on the Teltow page.

The Devil’s Lake – A lake containing an ancient evil.

The Devil’s Wood – A spot known of great significance to the Wyrm.



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