Character Creation

Rules set will be Werewolf: the Apocalypse Revised. ST may use additional resources, but players will not need any other book.

Tribes limited to Bone Gnawers, Get of Fenris, Glass Walkers, and Silver Fangs. The other tribes are either not represented well enough in Germany, or intended to be use as antagonists.

The Computer knowledge in Abilities will not be used since the chronicle takes place before their invention. Instead, the Academics knowledge will replace it. Academics represents general knowledge that educated people are expected to know in society during the 1920s – history, myth, religion, and other cultural literacy.

Any Backgrounds taken will need to be developed if they involve NPCs. The ST intends to use Kinfolk, Allies, Contacts, and others to build a supporting cast for the chronicle that ties the player characters into the “real world”.

Character Creation

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