House Rules

“When the lambs is lost in the mountain, he said. They is cry. Sometime come the mother. Sometime the wolf.”
- Cormac McCarthy, BLOOD MERIDIAN

This page records either changes to the standard rules, or clarifications to them. The base rules set is Werewolf Revised with some changes. Where there are differences with WW20, the group will determine which has precedence.

Other rule changes are as follows:

Unlike in Revised, Garou need a reflective surface in order to enter the Umbra. It does not simply reduce the difficulty, but is a requirement.

Sense Wyrm is an intuitive sixth sense that alerts you that something nearby is “not of Gaia”. Whatever Sense Wyrm detects is a kind of miasma or spiritual pollution. A cancer patient in advanced stages is detected with Sense Wyrm. A physician working with medical radioactive isotope, a chemist working with mercury, the miner digging up uranium, someone just coming back from an x-ray, and a worker in a coal power station all show up as Wyrm tainted to a degree. In some areas, the stench is powerful enough a Garou could not distinguish anything inside it. And of course, certain Wyrm minions don’t detect as well like vampires with high humanity or Fomori with certain Gifts.

Sense Wyrm is useful to uncovering Wyrm minions and acting as leads, but it is not infallible and easy to be misused.

To determine if an item is a feitsh requires a Gnosis roll against difficulty 6.

To determine the purpose or power of an unknown fetish, the character needs the ability of Spirit Speech or other means of communicating with the spirit bound to the Fetish, and to convince it to tell what it does. Sometimes the purpose of the Fetish may be clear because of other reasons.

As written, if the Curse is in effect, people and animals will avoid the Garou as they feel the predator inside. However, in the chronicle, if a Garou expends a Willpower point, the impact is reduced for one scene. People will still feel the effects of Rage, but at a much reduced measure. The predator is subdued. Instead of avoiding contact with the Garou, they may still interact with them, although likely they will believe the Garou to be angry, hostile, or dangerous. The effect is not always predictable. A low level of Animal Attraction may also be the result. It depends on the person in question.

This is less a rule change than a call out. You do not need to spend XP on Rites. Instead, you must find a Mentor and learn it from them. Learning a Rite is an extended action. However, it is also possible to enact a Rite one has not learned, but has already participated in (at Difficulty +3) plus the double of Gnosis required, if any. It is the responsibility of the player to record what Rites the Garou has participated in. Successfully completing such an attempt does not mean the Garou has learned the Rite. Tutelage is still needed to master it, and the additional costs of performing the Rite continues until done so.

A list of sanctified plants and their powers are shown in the link.

The link provides more details on the use of smelling by wolves.

House Rules

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