The pack had speed and hearing and eyesight and most of all smell to protect itself. Man had metal and weapons. They envied man his big fat paddles that could do so much more than their hands. The things looked clumsy but they were flexible. It was with his paddles or hands that man fashioned these mysterious objects that rolled and flew, and the guns that shot. And it was because of them that man had been able to inhabit the cities. No pack knew how these cities came about, but man inhabited them, keeping for himself the warmth they produced in winter, and the dryness that was not affected by even the most violent rain. While the sky poured water or snow man sat comfortably in the cities. How these things grew and why man possessed them nobody could say.

- Whitley Strieber, The Wolfen (1978)

400px-Coat_of_arms_of_Prussia__1918_1933_.svg.pngThese are specific organizations, buildings, places of business, landmarks, or other locations that are either important to know or can serve as a place to set scenes at.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the Free State of Prussia. It is the fourth largest city in the world with four million people. It is the center for German finance, industry, academia, fashion, and almost anything else one can imagine.

Maison am Havel – A complex near the Schildhorn containing an inn, restaurant, beer garden, and boat docks for private tours of the River havel. The inn is completely run by Garou kinfolk, and their only guests are Garou and kinfolk who know the secrets that the Veil hides.

Glienecker Heilanstalt – A private sanitarium for long term illness west of the River Havel. Although a place of business, the sanitarium’s only clients are Garou and their kinfolk. It is home to the sept Den Father and funded entirely by the Glass Walker tribe. Dedicated to the healing of Garou, the sanitarium takes care of all cubs found as well as helping Lunatics recover or Garou sufferring from other maladies like Harano.

Bankhaus Hauck & Donner – An influential private bank located in the Berlin district of Zehlendorf near the Grunewald. It is actually controlled by Garou and kinfolk of the Glass Walker tribe. It bankrolls a lot of the activities of the Berlin Glass Walkers and the sept as a whole.

Muller & Weiss – A legal firm who are exclusively engaged to Bankhaus Hauck & Donner and a few other select clients. The Glass Walkers control this firm. Strong Counsel, the sept Master of Challenge, is a principal partner.

Stiftung Brandenburgischer Kulturbesitz (SBK) – The Brandenburg Cultural Heritage Foundation is a private organization dedicated to preserving the authentic folklore of the Brandenburg region. The original inhabitants of Brandenburg have been devastated multiple times throughout history. The locals have been depopulated by the invasions of Attila the Hun, the struggle between German and Slav during the times of the Great Slav Revolt and Wendish Crusade, and the Thirty Years War. Each time the region regained its population by outside immigration, greatly reducing knowledge of the local folklore. The Foundation seeks to preserve that, particularly folklore predating Brandenburg’s union with Prussia.

The Foundation collects folklore and legend in the tradition of the Brothers Grimm; purchases and maintains records from aristocratic families, churches and monasteries, judicial trials, and municipalities; operates several private libraries and museums; and serves as a scholarly resource connected to the University of Berlin. For various reasons the local Garou and their kinfolk are interested in the lore of the Foundation, especially its large collection of testimony and evidence from the various werewolf witch trials in Brandenburg, particularly the infamous Luckenwalde Trials of the 1640s.

The Foundation is based out of Berlin, but it maintains several private libraries throughout Brandenburg.

Potsdam is the former imperial residence of the Hohenzollern located just southwest of Berlin. While Berlin became the administrative capital, the royal and imperial court was mostly located in Potsdam. As a result, Potsdam is home to a large number of Silver Fang kinfolk families. While the Garou Silver Fangs prefer to dwell in remote wilderness estates, their aristocratic kinfolk flocked to Potsdam for jobs, prestige, and opportunities. Today Potsdam is a city of 100,000 people. It is home to many gardens and castles while the old property of the Hohenzollerns belong to the state. The city is home to the UFA-Babelsberg studio lot, home of the German film industry’s largest company.

Potsdam Harbor is the home port of “Rosie”, the river boat of Otto von Schatz. His business office is nearby.

Ulrich Von Hohenberg Gymnasium – A school for Silver Fang kinfolk and Garou cubs west of Potsdam.

For the purposes of the game, Teltow refers to the region south of Berlin stretching to the Flaming Hills. It includes an ice age plateau that consists mainly of ground moraine elements. Its natural borders are formed by the rivers Dahme to the east, the Spree to the north and the Havel and Nuthe to the west. The Fläming Heath is a region and a hill chain that reaches over 100 km from the Elbe river to the Dahme River.

The area is divided between agricultural land and the woods and marshes. It is characterized by a constant change of forest and field and many glacial lakes. West of the Nuthe River is a heavily forested region. During the Ostsiedlung, Germanic colonizers slowly transformed the sandy soil into arable land. In modern Germany, the region is home to two nature parks – the Nuthe-Nieplitz and High Flaming. Several areas are extremely rich with wildlife including deer, boar, moufflon, bats, and a wide variety of birds.

Politically, the region includes parts of several districts: the Landkreis Teltow, Jüterbog-Luckenwalde, and Zauch-Belzig.

The town of Luckenwalde is an important rural town in the region with a population of around 25,000 souls. As a major municpality in the Teltow region, it has its own section.

Jurterborg is another rural town south of Luckenwalde. Its population is around 15,000. It houses a garrison of the German Army. It is the home base of Dr Viktor Kaufmann.


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