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Odin’s men went armor-less into battle and were as crazed as dogs or wolves and as strong as bears or bulls. They bit their shields and slew men, while they themselves were harmed by neither fire nor iron. This is called “going berserk.”
- Ynglinga Saga

The Great War is over. The Kaiser has abdicated, and a German Republic struggles for its life against foreign powers and the intrigues of the far right and far left. Communist revolutionaries battle Freikorps in the streets of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and the Ruhr. In the east, the Bolsheviks have murdered the Romanovs; the Red Army is marching against the Whites who are retreating headlong into Siberia and the Crimea. In the west, a wounded Britain and France have imposed a flawed peace on the German Reich creating anger and resentment.

The Wyrm stirs.

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The city as it was:

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