As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

- Rudyard Kipling, The Second Jungle Book (1895)

Sept of the Green Wood
These are the packs of the Green Wood. The PCs will have either met the members of these packs, or know them by reputation.

Silver Hunters (Silberjaegers)
The Silberjaegers is the leadership pack of the Sept controlling the major Sept positions. They reside in the bawn of the Caern iteself in the Grunewald. The pack alpha and Sept Leader Iron Shield manages the caern and divides up sept responsibilities. He may give orders or request actions from any pack that regularly visits the caern.
Pack totem is Boar, a Totem of War

  • Iron Shield, male Homid Silver Fang Philodox Athro – Sept Leader [elder]
  • Redrune, female Homid Get of Fenris Theurge Adren – Master of Rite & Gate Keeper
  • Blood Paw, female Silver Fang Ahroun Fostern – Caern Warder

Donnerwetter is the elder Glass Walker pack in Berlin. Its members reside in the Zehlendorf-Steglitz neighborhood near the Grunewald. Its pack alpha, Sinews of War, likely has the power to dispose Iron Shield as Sept Leader if he challenged him, but knows the other packs would not accept his leadership over a caern. Instead, he used his influence to make sure his protege, Strong Counsel, became Master of Challenge.
Pack Totem is Grandfather Thunder, a Totem of Respect

  • Sinews of War, male Homid Glass Walker Philodox Elder [elder]
  • Strong Counsel, male Homid Glass Walker Theurge Adren – Master of Challenge
  • Honeyed Tongue, female Homid Glass Walker Ragabash Fostern – Master of the Howl

Silverplate (Versilberte)
Silverplate is a pack operating the Glienecker Heilanstalt, a sanitarium for long term illness west of the River Havel. Dedicated to the healing of Garou, the pack takes care of all cubs found as well as helping Lunatics recover or Garou sufferring from other maladies like Harano. The pack has an old heritage; it was originally founded by Silver Fangs whose original mission was to protect Silver Fang kinfolk and cubs.
Pack totem is Unicorn, a Totem of Wisdom

Battle Cry (Schlachtruf)
Battle Cry is a Bone Gnawer pack that swore fealty to the Silver Fang House of Gleaming Eye to gain access to the caern. All members are in fact Caern Guardians responsible to the Caern Warder, and like the Silver Hunters they reside in the Grunewald. If the caern is ever threatened, they will be the first pack to respond. They are not urban Bone Gnawers, and originally came from lands where their kinfolk were serfs to Silver Fang kinfolk. The Bone Gnawers from the city of Berlin view them as sell outs and footlickers. They are not treated much better by their nominal allies who often refer to them as “the Camp Followers” than Battle Cry.
Pack totem is Falcon, a Totem of Respect

  • Katzbalger, male Homid Bone Gnawer Ahron Adren – Caern Guardian
  • Shield Daughter, female Homid Bone Gnawer Ragabash Cliath – Caern Guardian
  • Mother Hamster, female Homid Bone Gnawer Theurge Fostern – Caern Guardian

Lords of the Land (Herrenbode)
The Herrenbode pack is based in the Spreewald 100 km southeast of Berlin. Formerly members of the Sept of the Hidden Springs located in the Sudeten Mountains, they now attend moots at the Grunewald. They would be welcome except that the Silver Fangs of the pack are members of Clan Crescent Moon, a rival Silver Fang royal house to the Gleaming Eye who helped create the caern. The Silver Hunters believe the Herrenbode intend a sept coup. They are dedicated to a volkisch awakening and restoring the ties to blood and soil disrupted by capitalism. They are focused on the occult.
Pack totem is Owl, a Totem of Wisdom.

  • Serpentbraid, female Homid Silver Fang Theurge Athro – Caller of the Wyld [elder]
  • Blooms at Midnight, female Homid Silver Fang Galliard Cliath – Talesinger
  • Gamekeeper, male Homid Get of Fenris Philodox Fostern
  • Fisheater, male Homid Get of Fenris Ragabash Cliath

Malleo Legis
The “Hammer of the Law” is a small two Garou pack that exists solely for the convenience of its members. It is dedicated to the study of the law in its form among Garou and the Flock. Theoretically based in Berlin, one of its member spends most of his time at various septs to learn the local variations of the litany.
Pack totem is Uktena (known to European Garou as the Horned Serpent), a Totem of Wisdom.

There are Garou who belong to no pack. There are various reasons, some better than others. Old Ones are aged Garou who have left their packs and retire to the sept to serve as counselors and advisors. Ronin are Garou outcast from the Nation either because of their great crimes or because they have choosen exile. Some Garou are friendless and unable to join any pack, ostracized for some reason. There are also those temporarily packless because they have just completed their Rite of Passage or are the last member of their pack. Finally there are travelling Garou who reside temporarily at the Sept and who will move on.

  • Skullcrusher, male Homid Get of Fenris Ahroun Athro – Old One [elder]
  • White Crow, female Silver Fang Theurge Elder – Old One [elder]
  • Black Lily, female Homid – Ronin
  • Old Bear, male Homid – Ronin


Packs not part of the Sept
These are packs close to the Caern at Grunewald, but aren’t part of the Sept.

Rowdies (Raudabruder)
The Rowdies is a pack connected to Berlin’s underworld. The exact composition is not public knowledge because the pack never attends sept moots. In fact, because of their refusal to swear fealty to the Silver Fangs, they are not allowed to visit the caern. Any contact between them and the caern is conducted through Donnerwetter as an intermediary. They reside somewhere in east Berlin past the Spree River.
Pack Totem is Fox, a Totem of Cunning.

  • Clubwielder, male Homid Bone Gnawer Ahroun Fostern
  • Shadowwalker, male Homid Glass Walker Ragabash Cliath
  • Coal Rider, female Homid Bone Gnawer Galliard Adren
  • Lazybones, female Lupus Bone Gnawer Philodox Fostern

Town Hall (Rathaus)
Town Hall is another mixed Fenrir/Silver Fang pack located to the west of Berlin near Havelberg on the Elbe. It is the most westerly lying pack of the Sept Protectorate. Historically, they are part of the Sept of Fierce Counsel in the Lakeland Protectorate. The Garou of Town Hall are equidistant to several septs, and their loyalty to the Sept of the Gruenwald is suspect. It is likely the pack’s leadership is deciding which sept is most likely conducive to their taking over its leadership. The village Town Hall is based out of is one of the few villages of predominantly Fenrir kinfolk and Silver Fang aristocratic families still unspoiled in the Twentieth Century.
Pack totem is Stag, a Totem of Respect

  • Ale Giver, male Homid Get of Fenris Philodox Adren
  • Ring Wearer, female Homid Silver Fang Ragabash Cliath
  • Elf friend, female Homid Get of Fenris Galliard
  • Wild Crane, female Homid Get of Fenris Ahroun


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