All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
-Shakespeare, As You Like It

Routines are common occurrences taken by a player character. Some of these may very common and frequent. Others may be more unique to your character such as attending your sister’s grave on the anniversary of her death in early March. In any case, most of the time these routines only exist as background or flavor. Sometimes it is important background, and other times it may become relevant to the action of a scene, but not always. It is important both that the ST knows this information, and that neither player nor ST waste valuable time going over assumed actions.

This page will maintain a record of the PCs’ routines. It does not need to be long, detailed, or elaborate, but needs to cover anything you want the ST to consider as he adjudicates or begins a scene.

Players will need to keep track of Sets during the chronicle. A Set is a pre-defined location where things can take place. Sets can be public places with extras nearby – mortal or not. The troupe is not limited to pre-defined sets, but they can be useful. In particular, a set will help frame the scene and give players a foundation to work from. Over time, additional details may be added to these sets to reflect continuity and important past events.

Olav lives a simple lifestyle as befits his feral nature. He survives mostly by hunting and living in lupus form, but usually returns to his shack in the woods to rest and sleep. In homid form, he spends a lot of free time maintaining his physique by chin pulls, push ups, wood chopping, endurance running, and other exercices. He needs little hard currency and is essentially penniless. If he needs to any money, he performs odd jobs and day labor requiring great strength, and his packmate Otto has hired him as a temporary stevedore.

The Hut in the Woods
Olav lives in a dilapidated shack in the Saarmunder Elsbruch, a marshy alder forest southeast of Potsdam not far from the Nuthe River. Olav found the shack several years ago, probably an old foresters or hunting hut used by peasants. He fixed it up enough to provide reasonable shelter for his homid form, but spends much of the time in lupus form hunting or patrolling. The Jaegermeister pack as well as Olav’s sister Ulla know he lives there. Olav is a squatter and does not own the hut or land it is on. Few people ever pass by the shack; those that do tend to not do it again, feeling great unease by Olav’s Rage. Once, someone thought to tell Olav to leave, but after meeting him for a few seconds decided there wasn’t any harm if someone stayed in the shack.

Otto is one of the busier members of the Jaegermeister pack attempting to run a business as well as attend to pack activities and sept duties. He has little time for a social life, and assumes one day he’ll mate with a kinfolk, preferably one of the prettier kinfolk sisters of his packmates. Otto has plans to expand his business and earn more money and has spent a lot of time figuring out how to buy more ships and obtain more customers, so far without success.

Otto also regularly visits the Maison am Havel in the Grunewald Forest in order to convince the decrepit Silver Fang Theurge, White Crow, to mentor him.

Office in Potsdam
Otto’s river boat company is domiciled in the town of Potsdam, a long time residence of Silver Fang kinfolk thanks to the residence of the House of Hohenzollern. It is a small office with a tiny waiting room for guests and visitors and a few desks and file cabinets where Otto’s secretary Frieda works. Otto is often on the river boat, but has his own desk as well. On the rooftop, Otto keeps a small pen for carrier pigeons left by his packmate Erwin. Frieda simply thinks it is an odd gift by the war hero and ace Erwin von Geisthart, but she has learned there are many odds things about that man. Otto seems to keep a lot of odd friends.

Erwin mostly stays at home in a foul mood brooding and simmering with resentment against his father. However, on clear days he often takes off in his plane to fly in the skies over Brandenburg. He also performs his own maintence and repairs. A new hobby is the raising and training of carrier pigeons, something made much easier to his Gifts as a Garou. Although the radio and telephone have been invented, few houses are equipped with those so Erwin makes gifts of his carrier pigeons.

Country Estate
Erwin owns a small farmstead he bought with his trust fund money. As he was only interested in social isolation, a barn large enough to cover his trainer plane, and enough space to build a dirt runway, he has let the fields go fallow and wild. His house is shabby, but not derelict. It is architecturally sound and bears the markings of someone used to life as a aristrocrat, but could use a cleaning and perhaps a “woman’s touch”. Besides housing Erwin’s plane, the barn is also the home to his horse, Bloodhoof, which he purchased at Waldheide after the notorious “Waldheide massacre”. The estate also houses a large coop for carrier pigeons.

Annelise works as a midwife and nurse, travelling throughout the Flaeming region to visit the small villages and hamlets who otherwise would not get medical attention. It is part of her work as a volunteer at the Independent Nurses Association. If work in the field prevents her from returning to Schlegel farm, she also has a cot at Dr Kaufmann’s office, or stays as a guest for the night at one of the houses in the villages she routinely visits.

Schlegel Farm
Schlegel Farm is the farmstead of Annelise’s brother-in-law and his family. It is small, but Friedrich Schlegel owns it outright and intends to provide well for his growing family. Annelise often stays here as a guest of the family in a room Friedrich and his wife reserve for her. Annelise is very considerate of the hospitality of her in-laws. While she would never insult them by offerring money directly, she often brings back groceries and other supplies the family needs out of her own pocket.

Kaufmann’s Office
Annelise works closely with the physician Viktor Kaufmann. He maintains an office in Juterborg. Her visits are usually brief, but regular as Annelise reports any medical cases that requires a physician’s skills. While Viktor Kaufmann works with several nurses, he admires Annelise’s skills very much and trusts her with many medical decisions. Knowing Annelise travels a lot, Viktor has told her if she needs to rest on one of his cots, she can do so at any time. She also has a key to the office. Any other staff at the office knows to give Annelise free reign if she should visit.


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