354px-Brandenburg_Wappen.svg.pngThere are various places of interest in the Teltow region.

Sewage Farms – Sewage farms are facilities for the cleaning of waste water. They comprise agricultural land irrigated and fertilised with sewage. The product being “farmed” at such a works is actually the combination of microbes and bacteria used to break down the sewage. Berlin uses a network of pipes and pumps to transport sewage beyond the city boundaries to large rented grasslands, into which the sewage trickled down. The city rents twenty sewage farms occupying about 10,000 hectares. Because of wastewater can be used as fertilizer, there are city enterprises that utilize sewage farms for agricultural and pastoral use. However, heavy metals from industrial waste cannot be so biodegraded and thus such lands end up becoming slowly polluted. The growth of urban settlements and the need to purify wastewater for hygiene purposes increased the demand for wastewater treatment, and in Berlin a major way are sewage farms.

There are several major areas of sewage farms south of Berlin in the Teltow region. A variety of spirits dwell here, but in the last few decades more and more Banes are residing in the Penumbra because of the build up of heavy metals.

Saarmunder Elsbruch – An elsbruch is a a swamp, is a type of waterlogged, wooded terrain that, typically, represents a succession stage between the original reedy swamp and the eventual formation of forest. The trees are mainly Alder. Saarmunder Elsbruch is the woods near the small village of Saarmund along the Nuthe River south of Potsdam. Olav Magnusson lives there in a shack in the woods.

Teufelssee – Not to be confused with the other numerous “devil’s lakes” in Germany, including the one inside the Grunewald, this Teufelssee is the area around a small dead ice glacial lake surrounded by forests and the Great Ravensberge hills south of the Nieplitz River. Legends tell it was an area of pagan devil worship; the legends are true as the Garou know the area as containing an umbral Lair of the Wyrm. In the World of Darkness, the area is avoided by most people because of the strange rumors and legends about it.

Geisthart EstateErwin von Geisthart lives on a small rural estate along the Baruther Glacial Valley east of Luckenwalde. Erwin purchased it due to his income as an army officer, a trust fund established by his father, and money received from a mysterious benefactor. The estate contains a small house and a hanger converted from a barn where Erwin keeps his two seat trainer plane.

Winterkirsche Weinlage – Winterkirsche Winery is a German winery, one of the northernmost vineyards in Germany, located in the Saale-Unstrut wine region. Originally founded by Cisterican Monks, the abbey and vineyard was secularized during the Protestant Reformation and eventually fell into the hands of the Winterkirsche family. Although a local delicacy, the winery is under intense pressure due to competition from new wines from the Rhineland being sold.

Eichenbach – Small village between one to two hundred people. One bar, one grocery store, one hardware store, and one Lutheran church is all there is besides houses and farms. Village is traditional home to kinfolk, but over the centuries humans have constantly married into the families and the blood is now weak. Severin Brunning and Thomas Schultz are two prominent Get of Fenris kinfolk who know the secret of the Garou.

Schlegel Farm – The household farm of the Schlegel family lies in the Flaeming area just southwest of Juterborg. Annelise is a frequent visitor there.

Bruecktal Invalidenanlage – The Bruecktal Disabled Facility is a veterans hospital administered by the Reich Ministry of Labor. There are over thirty buildings on campus, built from a former tuberculosis sanitarium that was converted from an old Cistercian monastery. It houses the worst wounded of the Great War. Because all patients have gone through immense suffering, they are all marked by the Wyrm in various ways. As a result, the concentration of misery and evil has attracted lots of Banes despite its purpose as a healing facility. For most people, a visit to the facility is a soul numbing experience. The Jaegermeister pack has destroyed some of the Banes, but know it will be an ongoing process to eliminate the misery of the area.

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