Jötuns I remember
early born,
those of old
who reared me.
I remember nine worlds,
nine in the tree,
the great measuring-tree,
down in the mould.
- Voluspa

The Umbra is the Spirit World. Most of the Umbra that the Garou will encounter is the Penumbra, of the Earth’s shadow, although more distant spirit worlds exist deeper. The Penumbra reflects the “true” state of Gaia of whatever physical reality someone is in.

The Penumbra during the day has clear blue sky, but sun is never visible. At night, the moon is always visible and stars are clearly present. Wherever Gaia is healthy, the Penumbra is filled with the spirits of living things. Where it is not, it is barren or filled with malevolent spirits.

Most individual living things, except perhaps long lived trees, don’t have enough spiritual resonance to cast a shadow in the Umbra. Instead, the spirits there are general representations of the platonic ideal of such lifeforms. Some exceptions exist – very long lived trees that form bonds with multiple generations of life and people, or particular animals that generate a profound response in people, or spiritually enlightened individuals – could generate a shadow in the Umbra.

Most of Teltow is rural countryside filled with farmland, houses, and villages (Gauntlet 6), but a few areas of true wilderness exist (Gauntlet 5). Spirits are mainly Gaian although anywhere railroads cross are covered by tiny Weaver spirits overlooked by the jaggling “Iron Hans”.

Bruecktal Invalidenanlage: The Bruecktal War Disabled Facility is a veteran’s hospital for the worst victims of the Great War. It is a place of misery which has attracted a large number of banes. One night in August when multiple patients died overnight has given it a particularly bad reputation. For various reasons, this haunted place has a thin Gauntlet (5). There is evidence that in the past one or more death cults have held meetings here. It also seems to be a place where one could cross over into the Dark Umbra.

The Ruins near Eichenbach: Within walking distance of the small hamlet of Eichenbach, there are ruins. The kinfolk there tell stories that Garou once held rites there. The Gauntlet here is 5.

Inhabitants: Details on the spirits inhabiting the world.

yggdrasil_world_tree_nine_worlds_norse_mythology_vikings.jpgAt various points in the Penumbra are Domains. Domains are special places of spiritual energy that link to the Near Umbra Realms.

There are few Glens in the Teltow waiting for the PCs to discover them.

Railroads covered in webs represent a Domain, and is thus linked to the Cyberrealm, called BoomTown in the 1920s.

Various Chimares, dream domains, dot the countryside. Few last long, utterly dependent on the strong dreams of a few individuals.

Teltow is mostly free of Wyrm taint caused by industrial pollution. The only areas it is concentrated in are Berlin’s Rieselfelder (sewage farms). There the city’s waste water fill marshes serving as natural water filtration, and whose nutrients are reclaimed through agricultural production. However, because of the scale and nature of Berlin’s waste water, the areas are also increasing heavy metal desposit. The industrial Banes here are a nuisance problem, not a dire threat.

Towards the southeast in Cottbus however are large peat open pit mines which spawn various Banes that may cross over into Teltow. However, that area is patrolled by the Shadow Lord pack Winter Woods of the Bohemian-Lusatian Protectorate. They do not take kindly to trespassers.

A Lair represents an area where the Wyrm is present as a persistent supernatural evil, not because of the despair or other negative emotions of men or of industrial pollution. Prior to the late nineteenth century, Lairs were the only Wyrm domains known in the Umbra.


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