One still believes in werewolves in the Altmark. Even today in the village of Hindenburg they tell about a man who could turn himself into a wolf, and there are people still alive who knew him during their childhood.

He had a strip of leather made from wolf skin which still had its hair. Whenever he tied it around his body, he turned into a wolf. Then he had such extraordinary strength that he could pull an entire load of hay by himself or grab a whole ox in his mouth and carry it away.

In this state he had the nature of a wolf. He strangled cattle and even ate humans. He once pursued one of his neighbors, who narrowly escaped from him. But however furious he became, he did spare his wife. She knew a magic charm that brought him under control, a charm that he himself had taught her. Then she would take off the leather strip, and he would become a reasonable human once again.

- J. D. H. Temme, Die Volkssagen der Altmark (1839)

The Wolves of Brandenburg is an Old World of Darkness chronicle using Werewolf: the Apocalypse. It is set in Germany between the world wars. Games are intended to be a series of one shot “pick up” games whenever we’re bored.

Session 1 – The Watchers in the Sky – Spring 1920

Session 2 – Family Revelations – April 1920

Session 3 – Only the Dead are Safe – Summer 1920

Session 4 – Reminders of the Past – October 1920

Session 5 – Black Out – December 1920

The Wolves of Brandenburg

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