The Wolves of Brandenburg

Session Four

Reminders of the Past; October 1920

Europe is saved. In two weeks of heavy fighting, the Polish army under General Pilsudski has inflicted a severe defeat on the Red Army and has pursued it back to Russia. The battle will be remembered as the “Miracle on the Vistula”. On October 12, Poland and the Soviet Union agree to a ceasefire and begin peace negotiations that will establish the international border. Europe and Germany sigh a collective breath as the menace of Bolshevism recedes from Central Europe.

With the military threat to Germany receding, Oberst von Geisthart took leave from his secret duties as one of the commanders of the secret and illegal “Black Reichswehr” that augments the small official German military to visit his son, Erwin, in an attempt to make peace. Erwin reluctantly accepts his father’s apology and agrees to rejoin the family in its next social occasion at Schloss Geisthart.

The other members of the Jaegermeister pack follow their own pursuits. Along the Volga River in Russia, Olav, far from his packmates, continues to serve in a Garou host to eliminate a plague of undead vampires feasting on a peasantry suffering from famine and the horrors of civil war. Otto overhears some insulting talk about his pack at the Maison am Havel near the caern, and assaults a Get of Fenris Ragabash who spoke them. Anna meets with her fellow tribemate and auspice member Dragongold who shares with her that the investigation of the “Waldheide Massacre” continues despite the lack of leads. Erwin’s father has used his political influence to stop any continued investigation into his son and friends. At a loss, the police are turning to a new methodology of the “occult sciences” – the use of a clairvoyant that the newspapers call “criminal telepathy”.

Otto and Erwin take Annelise to the hamlet of Eichenbach to meet the Get of Fenris kinfolk lead by Severin Brunning there. Although greeted warmly by many kinfolk, the pack’s suspicions are aroused due to the absence of Thomas Schultz, a prominent kinfolk who has been arguing with Severin Brunning. Upon entering the Penumbra around the ruins near Eichenbach, the pack sees a strange ephemeral tree that unnerves them which Erwin calls “the hanging tree”. Nevertheless, the pack decides the hamlet will be the focus of their protectorate and they begin patrolling its outskirts.

300px-The_Ant_and_the_Grasshopper_-_Project_Gutenberg_etext_199941.jpgOnce again it is Anna who is the first to witness the call to battle as the pack’s totem, Jaegerfuehrer, goes to her with news that Stag has sent the pack to answer a petition from one of the Fae to help him. Anna gathers Otto and Olav who meet near one of the sewage farms outside of Berlin where toxic industrial runoff has mutated some of the marsh rats into rodents of unusual size.

There the pack meets Mr Green, a comical child sized grasshopper dressed in formal wear who asks for their help in destroying the rodents lest they harm his companion whom he calls the Little Master. The pack enters the fray and defeats around a dozen of the rat fomori. Although Otto almost falls to the swarm, the pack triumphs once again as Erwin Hungry Wolf slays all but a few.



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